plastic free tin of organic vegan hair pomade gel, orange label saying 'medium-high shine, natural water based, strong hold'.

Hair Pomade

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This hair pomade has a strong hold and a medium-high shine finish. Perfect for everyday use. It works well with all hair types and especially well on thick or curly hair that sometimes could be hard to style using other types of products. 

Made using natural and organic ingredients, this water based pomade is unique in the way it is both easy to apply and get rid of. You don't need any special shampoo to release the product from your hair. The consistency is smooth meaning it can be worked easily through your hair. The moisture from the pomade will evaporate out and leave the good stuff holding your hair in place.

How to use; 

Apply a pea-sized amount to towel dried/damp hair. (You can always add more later).

Warm the pomade between your fingers, not palms.

Target roots first to define style, then work through the lengths.

Comb through to get an even distribution.

Blow dry to get an ultra strong hold and shine.

Use water to restyle.

Weight: 100g

Ingredients; Castor oil, Plant-derived Glycerine, Water, Candelilla Wax, Triethanolamine NF, Plant-based Hyaluronate Acid.