Shampoo Bars for all hair types.

What shampoo bar is best for my hair?

What is your hair type?

Suitable for all hair types - Florette, Infusa, Lemon Meringue, Bamboozle, Rosey, Coco Cabello, Mocha (Espresso), Sheri Mango, Fresa Lima

Dry/frizzy – Yasemin, Nori Nori, Zingiber, Sweet Nectar, Sheri Mango, Fresa Lima

Oily/greasy hair – Hypnotic, Chaminta, Cassia, Rosey

Dandruff/Sensitive scalp – Hypnotic, Yasemin, Nori Nori, Chaminta, Zingiber, Coco Cabello

Fine hair/loss/thinning – Cassia, Nori Nori, Yasemin, Coco Cabello, Mocha (Espresso), Sheri Mango

Dull/flat hair – Hypnotic, Nori Nori, Sweet Nectar, Lemon Meringue, Fresa Lima, Sheri Mango

Babies/children – Chaminta, Florette, Zingiber

Damaged hair/split ends – Cassia, Chaminta,  Yasemin, Zingiber, Sweet Nectar, Coco Cabello, Fresa Lima, Sheri Mango

Coloured hair – Zingiber, Chaminta, Bamboozle, Mocha (Espresso), Fresh Lima

Thick hair - Zingiber, Yasemin, Coco Cabello, Bamboozle

No matter what you hair type, there is a shampoo bar that will work for you.

If you have hair that isn't listed here, contact us and we will help you.

Conditioners that compliment each shampoo are listed with each shampoo bar and below is a list of perfect matches.

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