Splish Splash, we're taking a bath.

Bathing my daughter is so much fun, especially now she's a bit bigger and actually enjoys it 🥰

Here is an idea of how to make bath time plastic free.

Chaminta is our chamomile and mint solid shampoo bar and it's child friendly (like with all shampoos, avoid contact with eyes).

Our Sleepy Baby Soap, lathers up really well and with a hint of lavender, can help calm baby before bed. We use it with a konjac sponge. It makes the soap last longer and is soft enough for delicate skin.

We don't do plastic but we wanted Amelia to have toys that she could play with in the bath. Plastic seemed to be the only option, until we found a variety of toys made using a natural rubber instead. They also make great teething toys. We have Oli & Carol Elvis The Duck Teether & Bath Toy and Sophie la Girafe Bath Toy.

The organic bamboo flannels are perfect alternatives wet wipes, and we also use them as a face cloth.

The hooded bamboo towel is so soft and dries really quickly. Keeps baby nice and warm after the bath.

We use organic baby powder from Neals Yard Remedies. It's Talc free, made using corn starch and chamomile.

Our baby boo balm works as an excellent barrier cream to help nappy rash (currently unavailable 😞).

We love love love our cloth nappies! They are amazing! We use Baba & Boo, Tickle Tots, Tots Bots, Seedlings, Little Lamb, Alva Baby, Close Parent, and Little & Bloomz . They are more expensive initially but for the length of time you use them, they work out to be cheaper than using disposables. Approx 2p per change! We also like the biodegradable nappies from Eco by Naty, although they work out more expensive, they are really convenient when you are out and about (not that we've been out and about much over the last year!)

We'd love you to share your tips and ideas with us! Or are you struggling to find plastic free alternatives? Let's all help each other. Get in touch!! 😊

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