flawless and rush organics ultimate skincare bundle including; micellar water, facial cleanser with bamboo spoon, hydrating toner, reusable black bamboo make up remover pads in bamboo holder with mesh laundry bag and bamboo cotton make up headband

Ultimate Skincare Bundle

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Save money when you buy this ultimate skincare bundle. Whether you're just starting your plastic free journey, you're a pro or gifting it to a loved on, this set has all you need to make your face shine.


- 17 x Reusable Bamboo Make-up Remover Pads
- Bamboo Holder
- Mesh Laundry Bag
- Bamboo Cotton Make-up Headband
- Flawless Aloe & Lavender Micellar Water
- Flawless Rose & Lavender Toner
- Flawless Kaolin & Oat Facial Cleanser
- Bamboo Spoon

RRP £27.99